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Robbery and Larceny Attorney Providence RI

Being charged with robbery or larceny in Rhode Island can have serious repercussions for you and your family, and you must partner with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Providence to make sure that your case is treated fairly. These types of cases can wrongfully paint a picture of you that is not accurate, and you may end up having a mistake impact you for the rest of your life if it is not handled correctly.

When you are working with the Savage law, you can be confident that we are fighting to make sure that your case is being handled by a dedicated attorney who wants to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps towards a positive outcome.

Read more below to learn about the differences between robbery and larceny charges, and contact us now to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your charges. We will be happy to discuss your situation, explain how we have helped others in your situation before, and talk about how we can help you moving forward.

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The Difference Between Robbery and Larceny

Robbery and larceny can often end up confused for each other, but it is important to understand that each charge stems from a different type of situation, and there are different consequences and penalties for each. At their essence, each charge is a theft crime, but there are some subtle differences from there. The severity of each alleged crime dictates the degree of the charge, such as whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. However, fundamental differences are as follows:

Robbery Charges in Rhode Island

Robbery is a theft crime that involves the use of force or threat while taking someone’s property from them, i.e. face-to-face. Even if the suspect does not specifically make threats of violence or injure the victim, suggesting that there may be physical consequences if the victim does not give up their property is enough to be charged with robbery. In Rhode Island, when a dangerous weapon is used, an injury to the victim occurs, or the victim is elderly (or impaired), the potential punishment increases.

Larceny Charges in Rhode Island

Larceny is another theft crime and is very similar to a robbery in that it involves taking someone else’s property without permission, and with the intention of never returning it. The main differences between robbery and larceny charges are the fact that larceny does not have the added requirement of the threat or use of force, and larceny is not necessarily a face-to-face incident.

Depending upon the value of the stolen item(s), Larceny can be either a misdemeanor (less than $1500) or a felony (over $1500) – there are different levels of felony charges that increase in punishment as the value of the stolen article(s) increases.

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If you have been charged with a theft crime in Providence, RI, one of the most important steps that you can take is to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We will be able to build a strong case for you that will increase your chances of a positive outcome for your situation, which will have a long-lasting impact on the way you can live your life after your case is finished.