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Expungement Attorney Serving Providence, RI

Expungement Attorney in Providence, RI

How long should a person be held accountable for one bad decision that they made? If you have a criminal conviction (or convictions) in your history that has repeatedly come back to haunt you, you may find yourself asking this question each time a decision in your past impacts the way you can live your life now.

If you have a conviction(s) in your history that continues to impact your life, either personally or professionally, then you may want to explore the options available for expunging (conviction) or sealing (dismissed / not guilty after trial) that charge from your record.

Hiring an expungement attorney is the best way that you can maximize your chances of having a positive outcome in your journey, and the team at the Savage law will be happy to help. The expungement or sealing process is complicated, and your results will vary depending on several factors such as the nature of your record, the age of your charges, any additional criminal history, and much more.

Call us now to schedule an initial consultation. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to learn about how our team can help you get the outcome that you are hoping for, and you can ask specific questions about your situation and what we can do to increase your chances of success. Also, we will be happy to discuss past clients who we have worked within similar situations like yours.

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What is an Expungement?

When you are convicted of a crime, it goes into your criminal record and will be available for an employer, landlord, or another group to access through a BCI check. Depending on what they find, the information on your criminal record can keep you from getting a job that you are otherwise an excellent candidate for, be the reason that you are denied for a rental application, and more.

When you are approved for an expungement or sealing in Rhode Island, it means that the records regarding the case is sealed and can only be accessed in certain circumstances by law enforcement/government entities, and only in very specific instances -like if you are in court for other charges then your criminal history may be assessed for sentencing, or if you wish to open a daycare, or obtain a teaching certificate. In most instances, you will be able to move on with your life as if the conviction never happened. You may even state that you have NOT been convicted of a crime on an employment application!

Please remember that all court fines and costs MUST be paid before an Expungement Motion may be filed. Also, for an Expungement to be granted, a $100 fee is assessed by the State of Rhode Island, and must be paid before the Order enters.

Am I Able To Have My Record Expunged in Providence?

In order to determine the available options for your criminal history, it is important that you contact our team now. There are many different options and requirements depending on the type of crime you are interested in having expunged, and because of how complicated this process is, working with an experienced expungement attorney is your best chance for a successful outcome.

R.I. Expungement Law Expanded in 2017-2018

Recent changes in the law in 2017and 2018 greatly increased the possibility of expunging or sealing past indiscretions. The new expansions allow for multiple misdemeanor convictions (up to 5) and expungement of decriminalized offenses. Decriminalized charges include misdemeanor marijuana possession (under 1 ounce) and Driving on a Suspended License.

Contact us now to speak with an experienced legal professional who will be able to explain the specifics and what to expect from the expungement and/or sealing request process, as well as your chances of success depending on factors such as any additional charges in your criminal record, the charge that you are hoping to have expunged or sealed, and more.