Don't Accept An Unjust Ruling

Don't Accept An Unjust Ruling

A defense attorney can appeal Providence, RI decisions

One of the many checks and balances in the American judicial system is the appellate court. If you believe the court ruled against you unfairly, an appeals attorney in Providence, RI can submit an appeal. We'll review the case and pinpoint the reasons the appellate court should overturn the decision.

A defense attorney from the Law Office of Layne C. Savage can help you appeal rulings in:

  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal cases
  • Immigration proceedings
  • Traffic crime cases

Call 401-232-8888 today to speak to an appeals attorney about your case.

What can an appeals attorney handle?

No matter what court's decision you're appealing, we can help. The Law Office of Layne C. Savage handles appeals for the:

  • Rhode Island Supreme Court
  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal
  • Board of Immigration

Navigating the legal system on your own can be overwhelming. Call a defense attorney in Providence, Rhode Island to guide you through the process.

You only have 20 days to file an appeal, so call 401-232-8888 right away.